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A Growing Community With A Brilliant Future

A World Class Workforce

A Hub For Innovation And Invention

A Minor League City With Major League Appeal

Opening Doors To The World

A Cultural Mecca In The Midwest


A Place of Endless Opportunity

Lucas County, Ohio, is a community with a bright future for established companies reaching across the globe and small businesses preparing for their day in the sun.  Strategically located on Lake Erie with the largest land-mass seaport on the Great Lakes, Lucas County is at the crossroads of two transcontinental highways, four national railroads, and an international air-cargo hub.  The proximity of major research universities, community and private colleges creates an environment for entrepreneurial businesses to bloom and thrive and an expansive network of high-speed data access makes the region ripe for innovation and invention.  Add in a regional library system that is unsurpassed, a world-class museum of art and zoo, professional baseball and hockey, endless outdoor activities, and deep cultural and historical roots and it is easy to see why Lucas County is a place of endless opportunity.