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About the Lucas County Department of Planning and Development

The Lucas County Department of Planning and Development was created by the Board of Lucas County Commissioners in the summer of 2014 when the staff of the Lucas County Economic Development Corporation was integrated into the Workforce Development Agency.  The combined organization brought together two groups Department of Planning and Developmentwith a similar goal of helping build a stronger business community and to create jobs. Under a unified banner, the Department of Planning and Development provides a dynamic solution to the challenges faced by employers and workers alike.

Through WorkReady Lucas County, the Department also promotes the need for a skilled workforce and encourages businesses to support the WorkReady initiative.  With an improving economy, opportunities for workers abound yet many still struggle to find quality employment because they lack essential skills.  By working with employers to help them understand the positive impact of WorkReady Lucas County and to recognize the value of the National Career Readiness Certificate, the Department of Planning and Development can encourage job seekers to certify their skills and make themselves WorkReady.

Who We Are 

Board of Lucas County Commissioners

Pete Gerken President Michael Hart, Executive Assistant
Tina Skeldon Wozniak Commissioner Yousef Aliakbar, Executive Assistant
Carol Contrada Commissioner Caryn Maloney, Executive Assistant



Department of Planning and Development

Name Title Office Phone Email Address
Megan Vahey Casiere County Administrator 419-213-4545  mvcasiere@co.lucas.oh.us
Michelle Hopings Executive Assistant to Ms. Cariere 419-213-3301 mhopings@co.lucas.oh.us
William Brennan Acting Director, Planning and Development 419-213-4670 wbrennan@co.lucas.oh.us
Michael Veh Acting Deputy Director, Policy Division 419-213-3404 mveh@co.lucas.oh.us
Norman McFall Planning and Development Supervisor 419-213-3111 nmcfall@co.lucas.oh.us
David Glaza Fiscal Analyst 419-213-3402 dglaza@co.lucas.oh.us
Lisa Arend Planning and Development Manager 419-213-4677 larend@co.lucas.oh.us
Theodore Foreman Planning and Development Manager 419-213-4537 tforeman@co.lucas.oh.us
Tonia Saunders Planning and Development Manager 419-213-3419 tjsaunders@co.lucas.oh.us
Matthew Sutter Planning and Development Manager 419-213-4510 mssutter@co.lucas.oh.us
Lewis Huerta Development Specialist 419-213-3114 lhuerta@co.lucas.oh.us
Dan Marchal Development Specialist 419-213-3405 dmarchal@co.lucas.oh.us
Angela Miller Development Specialist 419-213-3406 armiller@co.lucas.oh.us
Pamela Moore Development Specialist 419-213-3434 pamoore@co.lucas.oh.us
Chad Olson Development Specialist 419-213-4257 colson@co.lucas.oh.us
Lottie Sherife-Kekulah Development Specialist 419-213-3418 lkekulah@co.lucas.oh.us
Deb Tucker Development Specialist 419-213-3421 dtucker@co.lucas.oh.us
Sandra Williams Administrative Secretary 419-213-3407 srwilliams@co.lucas.oh.us