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About WorkReady Lucas County

The key to a strong local economy is a well-trained, well-prepared workforce.  Without quality workers, businesses will struggle to survive.  Without the skills companies need, workers won’t find jobs.WorkReady Lucas County

For Workers: WorkReady Lucas County is a free program designed to help people who need to improve their reading and math skills so they can be prepared to compete for the jobs companies are struggling to fill.  Local businesses support this initiative and recognize the National Career Readiness Certificate as a valid measure of a worker's skills.  Using tools created by ACT Inc., the organization best known for their college readiness assessments, workers can earn a National Career Readiness Certification that shows they are WorkReady.  Ready to get certified?  Sign up now!

For Businesses: With a rapidly growing number of companies already supporting WorkReady Lucas County the need for skilled workers is obvious.  By recognizing the National Career Readiness Certificate, these companies are helping to build a pool of skilled, tested and certified workers which means businesses will know they can find the workers they need.  Does your business support a stronger, better-prepared workforce? Show your support now!