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What WorkReady Lucas County Can Do for You

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017
WorkReady Lucas County

The Lucas County Department of Planning & Development joined the ACT Certified Work Ready Communities to ensure that businesses like yours can access the skilled and motivated workforce you need to find success in a tight labor market. The program works with motivated job-seekers ready to sharpen workplace skills such as reading for information, locating information and applied mathematics.  

ACT Certified Work Ready Communities is the foundation of WorkReady Lucas County, a county-wide initiative addressing the skills gap to support local employers like you achieve your business goals. When you hire an individual who has completed WorkReady Lucas County, that individual is ready to meet the challenges faced in your workplace. You can even use the certification to offset the cost of pre-employment testing.

How does WorkReady Lucas County work?

By enrolling in the program, job-seekers have been able to sharpen essential workplace skills by earning a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). This credential sets job-seekers apart from their competition because they have demonstrated that they have the skills they will need on the job.   

WorkReady Lucas County also helps job seekers overcome common barriers to successfully obtaining and holding onto jobs. Whatever the barrier, whether transportation or workplace etiquette, job-seekers who have completed this program are ready for a new, life-changing opportunity with your company.

We even used the program to create the WorkReady Manufacturing initiative because a number of area employers were expanding and needed to ensure that they could access the workforce they needed to be successful.  

We get results

As a result of aggressive outreach to area job-seekers, Lucas County has over 1,800 residents are NCRC certificate holders and more than 200 local companies have endorsed the program.

When you as an employer endorse WorkReady Lucas County, you help to prompt job-seekers to participate in the program because they know that with the NCRC credential, they can demonstrate their skills and discipline to employers like you. You can even sort through qualified candidates quickly and have a valid measurement of a job-seeker’s basic employment skills.

We want to thank every employer who has participated in the WorkReady initiative thus far! Without your help, the program would not be nearly as successful as it has been. 

To learn more about the program and the results we've seen three years in, download the case study here!