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A Few Things to Avoid Saying in Job Interviews

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2018
things to avoid saying in job interviews

Let’s say that you’ve got a job interview coming up.

It’s for a job you really want. One that perfectly matches your skills and experience.

So, you prep for your interview.

Iron the new suit.

Print fresh copies of your resume.

Gather your recommendation letters and references.

Write out a script.

Practice in front of a mirror and in front of a trusted friend.

Arrive 15 minutes early.

At the start of the interview, everything seems to be going well. You give the hiring manager a firm handshake and a smile, and you make eye contact.

As she begins asking questions, you feel like you’re building rapport. These are questions you’ve practiced for, and you can tell she’s impressed by your answers.

But then she says: “So, on your application, you state that you were let go from your last job because of a personality conflict with your manager…. Can you expand on that?”

You freeze like a deer in headlights.

Because things didn’t go so well at your last job. You had a manager who you didn’t get along with. A manager who honestly wasn’t very nice and eventually terminated you because you weren’t meeting his standards.

Caught off guard, you end up blurting out too much information. You describe how awful your last manager was and how there were so many issues at your last workplace because of him. You go too much into detail.

You watch as the hiring manager’s face falls.

And in the end, you don’t get the job.

What happened?


A Few Things to Avoid Saying in Job Interviews

A job interview is designed to accomplish a few things – one of the main ones being that you prove to the employer that you have the skills, personality, and qualifications they are looking for.

Remember: an employer isn’t just searching for someone who looks good on paper. They want to make sure that you’ll be a great addition to their team and fit in with their company culture.

And unfortunately, there are a few things you might say during an interview that an employer can look at as red flags.

Complaints about a former employer could unintentionally make a hiring manager think that you are difficult to work with and have a negative attitude. First impressions matter, and it’s crucial that you make a positive one.

In the infographic you’ll find below by the online job board AgCareers, you’ll see a quick list of things to avoid saying in job interviews – and things to say instead.

The good news is that you can take this information and prepare so you’ll be successful in your next job interview!