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A Quick Guide to Including Skills on Your Resume

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
including skills on your resume

Most people know the basics of what to include in a resume – name, phone number, email address, education, employment background, etc. – but have you ever thought about adding your skills?

Skills are the transferrable abilities and aptitudes that you can bring to a job.

By including skills in your resume, you can stand out as a good candidate in the sea of other resumes employers are flooded with on a daily basis.

Interested in knowing what skills you might want to consider adding to your resume?

Here are a few different skills to include on your resume – and a few recommendations about how to showcase them – in the following infographic from the company Uptowork!  

Do you have any questions about making a resume, identifying the relevant skills you have, or how to include skills on your resume? Let us know by contacting us directly here!

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