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Three 2018 Workforce Trends for Jobseekers & Career Changers to Pay Attention To

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018
2018 workforce trends

Earlier this month, LinkedIn published its September 2018 Workforce Report based on trends and findings from its over 150 million members.

The report provides several key insights about the state of our workforce through August 2018, including some surprising industries that are experiencing growth.

Are you a jobseeker trying to find a new job or figure out a new career path to go into?

Check out the three workforce trends from the LinkedIn Workforce Report!  


1) The hiring rate for agricultural positions on LinkedIn increased by 2.9%.

The LinkedIn hiring rate (the measure of gross hires divided by members of LinkedIn) for agricultural workers in August 2018 was 1.28 – a 2.9% increase from the previous year (1.25%).  In fact, the agricultural industry had one of the biggest year-over-year hiring increases in August 2018 on a national scale, making it a great industry to pursue if you’re a jobseeker or career changer.  

Thinking of looking for work in this industry? Here are some sample agricultural job openings that are expected to grow from now to 2026: agricultural equipment operators, farm equipment mechanics and service technicians, agricultural and food science technicians, animal scientists, farm labor contractors, and agricultural engineers.


2) The retail skills gap has decreased across the U.S., offering a more positive outlook for jobseekers with retail skills.

The news for the retail industry has been bleak the past few years with stories about malls being emptied and major brands like Toys R Us, Sears, and Walgreens/Rite Aid (and locally, The Andersons) closing hundreds of stores in what has been called the “retail apocalypse.” Hundreds to thousands of workers have been left unemployed in the wake of the consequences of changing consumer trends and the effects of ecommerce.

As a result, the workforce experienced what LinkedIn defines as a skills gap: “the gap between supply and demand for a specific skill, in a specific local labor market, at a specific point in time.”

In other words, there were more unemployed jobseekers with retail skills than there were job openings. And while this is still true, the retail skills gap has gone down.

In January 2018, 111,155 LinkedIn members had retail skills, but this number decreased to 11,632. This means that there are 99,483 fewer people with retail skills who are actively looking for jobs.

So, if you’re a jobseeker with retail skills who is looking to get back into the industry, the job outlook is actually better than you might think. You are dealing with less competition than you were back in the winter and will be more likely to find a job that matches your skills.


3) The transportation and logistics industry is growing steadily.

This industry has experienced a 13% increase in its year-over-year hiring rate change as more and more companies are hiring for transportation and logistics workers.

Therefore, if you’re considering a career in this industry, you’re in luck! There are many openings out there worth exploring in the transportation and logistics industry.

According to O*NET, some of the job types in this industry that are expected to experience the largest projected growth include: cargo and freight agents, stock and material mockers, truck drivers, industrial truck operators, bus drivers, and first-line supervisors of transportation and material-moving machine and vehicle operators.


What’s Next?

If you’re considering trying to find a role in the agricultural, retail, or transportation and logistics industries – or any other high-demand industries in Lucas County – the Lucas County Department of Planning and Development and our community partners have several free programs and resources available to you.

WorkReady Lucas County 

WorkReady Lucas County is designed to create a pool of workers with the skills and abilities in high demand by employers. Using the Career Ready 101 system, WorkReady Lucas County can help you refresh or improve your proficiency in applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information – essential tools for success in most careers. Get started here!

Training Services

For individuals considering changing careers, training funds may be available if they are considering entering a profession that’s in high demand. The easiest way to receive details on all the services available, including training programs, is to attend a system orientation at OhioMeansJobs Lucas County.  Click here to learn more.

WorkReady Lucas County Manufacturing 

More than ever, high-tech, advanced-manufacturing companies need workers who are flexible, able to think quickly, motivated and willing and able to continuously learn new skills.   This free program is designed to guide job seekers through the process of documenting the skills these businesses need. Learn more here.

OhioMeansJobs Lucas County 

For those looking for work or seeking a better opportunity, OhioMeansJobs Lucas County can provide job search and career development assistance. Offering free workshops on topics like building a high-power resume and handling your finances once you get the job, the one-stop center also provides access to computers, high-speed internet, printers, and more.