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Great Jobs Not Needing a Bachelor Degree

Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2019
WorkReady Lucas County

It is often said that to get a good job you need a good education.  While it is true that people with college degrees usually make more money over their career than those without, there are still great options for individuals who choose not go on to college. 

In a recent article published online by Karen Anne Renzulli of CNBC’s make it, fifteen different career opportunities were featured that do not require a college degree and still pay more than $75,000 annually.  Most of these jobs require additional training through either a formal certificate program or by receiving extensive on-the-job training, but they are still great opportunities.

Some of the highlighted careers and the median salaries are:

  1. Commercial Pilots, $78,740
  2. Detectives and Criminal Investigators, $79,970
  3. Elevators Installers and Repairers, $79,480
  4. Funeral Service Managers, $78,040
  5. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators, $93,370

All of these jobs, as well as most of the others included on the list, are expected to continue to be in demand through at least 2026 if not longer.  Radiation Therapist with a median salary of $80,570 is expected to have the largest growth rate of 13 percent while Power Distributors and Dispatchers paying a median salary of $82,510 is the only position on the list showing a three percent decline.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist is listed with a potential growth rate of 10 percent but has the lowest projected salary at $75,660.  On the other hand, Air Traffic Controllers have the highest salary at $124,540 but a growth rate of only three percent.

As mentioned earlier, these jobs do not require a bachelor degree but they do require additional training and certification.  For example, to become an Air Traffic Controller, a person usually needs an associate degree from a school offering a Federal Aviation Administration approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program as well as obtaining an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator certificate. 

To read the entire article on CNBC’s make it, click here or visit https://cnb.cx/2UnZxYW