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Human Resource Planning and Management Support

Employee Selection Support

While selecting the right worker is always the responsibility of the employer, the Department can help screen applicants to make sure they meet the core requirements of the job. Filtering out those who do not have the base skills necessary for the job can save time and money by allowing hiring managers to focus on the applicants who do possess the minimum qualifications.

Employers who use the WorkReady Lucas County program and look for applicants who possess the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) will know those individuals have already been tested and possess the base reading and math skills needed for the job. However, applicants who do not hold the NCRC may need to be tested for basic skills and even those who do have the certificate may need to be tested for specific aptitudes and abilities desired. Working with OhioMeansJobs Lucas County, the Department will help the company by securing classroom space or reserving computer labs, both at no cost, so the business can administer their own testing or assessment programs.

Human Resource Planning and Management Support

As businesses change, grow and evolve, human resource professionals often need to create new job descriptions, modify existing ones and ensure that wages are competitive in order to attract top quality applicants. By using the latest labor market data, the Department can assist in making sure job demands meet identified skill requirements and reflect current business trends. For small or start-up, entrepreneurial companies that often do not have dedicated human resource staff, the Department can assist in filling a part of that role and help develop descriptions for jobs that do not yet exist.  In addition to helping recruit and hire workers, the Department assists businesses in identifying retention issues and developing strategies for corrective action.