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Get Started With WorkReady Lucas County

Businesses need qualified employees and workers need opportunities to thrive and grow.  Yet, frequent reports say that companies struggle to fill open positions while job seekers are frustrated by repeated rejection.  How can we bridge that gap?

WorkReady Lucas County is a free program designed to help job applicants refresh or upgrade essential skills and provide documentation of those skills.  This will help employers identify workers with the desire to work hard and the ability to learn new jobs.  WorkReady applicants will clearly rise to the top of the application stack, identified as workers worth the risk of training into a new job.  The sooner you sign up to get started the sooner you can be certified as WorkReady.

Businesses, on the other hand, need to show the community they recognize the value of the WorkReady certification and provide workers additional incentive to go through the program.  While never a guarantee of employment, the WorkReady Certificate will make an application stand out from the crowd and helps busy hiring managers identify quality candidates for open positions.  Supporting WorkReady Lucas County requires no commitment from employers beyond recognizing the National Career Readiness Certificate as a valid measure of basic employment skills. To support WorkReady Lucas County, simply fill out our online form.