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On-The-Job Training

Among the many services provided to businesses in our area, the Lucas County Department of Planning & Development assists companies by providing them funding to cut the cost of training new workers.  On-the-Job Training, or OJT, allows a company to hire workers who have most but not all of the skills needed to do the job and then teach them while they work beside an experienced employee.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about OJT.

Q: What is OJT?

A: On-the-Job Training is often used to bring new employees up to speed in their new job. Working side-by-side with a more experienced worker, the new employee acquires skills that can range from operating heavy equipment they may be unfamiliar with to company policies and procedures. While there are no hard and fast rules about the length of training or skills taught, OJT does require documentation that shows the training to be “reasonable and customary” to the job.

Q: Who qualifies for OJT?

A: While Lucas County residents, documented Dislocated Workers, and Veterans are given priority, almost any job seeker who is either unemployed or underemployed will qualify for OJT. Occasionally, there are special funds released that must be used for specific target populations and determination of eligibility is done on a case by case basis. From the employer side, nearly any business hiring new employees can qualify as long as they list their job openings with us and let us refer potential job seekers to their openings. To find out if your company qualifies, please contact our offices.

Q: How does the process work?

A: Our Agency has tried to make the process as simple and “non-governmental” as possible. Companies with open positions either fill out job order forms online or contact us and we send the forms directly to them. Once the completed form is returned, our staff enters it into OhioMeansJobs.com and we refer qualified job seekers to the employer. As soon as the employer selects the person they are interested in hiring – either one we sent or one they found on their own – they let our office know and we send a training agreement, a training plan template, and an employer information form. Each of these documents is an Adobe Acrobat Form and is able to be completed quickly and easily and returned by email, fax or mail. We then contact the potential new hire, determine eligibility and notify the employer. PLEASE NOTE: We must determine eligibility before the new hire starts work. If we do not meet with them before they report for their first day on the job, it could make them ineligible for OJT assistance. After the worker completes training, the employer can be reimbursed up to 50 percent of the wages paid to that worker during training. If the worker fails to complete training, the company can still be reimbursed half the cost up to the employee’s final day.

Q: What are the restrictions on the program?

A: Aside from a limit on the length of the training and the total cost, there are very few restrictions and various funding sources could have different rules. In general, the job must pay at least $12 per hour and be considered full time (32 hours/week). The employer must submit a training plan that shows the skills to be trained and the estimated length of time needed to complete the training. At the end of the training, the employer needs to report that the worker successfully completed training and submit their invoice with supporting documentation of the wages paid during the period.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact the Lucas County Department of Planning & Development and we’ll get you on your way!