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Talent Acquisition

Free Job Posting

Advertising open positions can be a costly endeavor and often results in an onslaught of applications from unqualified individuals.  Sending your job postings to us can save time and money and often results in a pool of candidates that is more manageable and a closer fit to your needs.  Our staff will post the position in OhioMeansJobs.com and then search for workers with the best fit for your position, notifying them of the opportunity and providing instructions on applying. Start the process by sending us your job posting.

Applicant Pre-Screen

While our job matching system usually turns up candidates with the necessary skills and experience to meet your requirements, no system is perfect and unqualified applicants will still slip through.  However, our staff provides an additional level of scrutiny and can filter out the ones that do not fit, preventing unwanted applications and streamlining your hiring process.

On-Site Interviewing

Most companies do not want applicants sitting around their waiting rooms or offices, filling out applications and waiting for interviews.  Through our partnership with OhioMeansJobs Lucas County, we can offer free use of meeting and conference rooms to be used for mass recruiting, interview or application sessions.  Also, employers can become a featured “Business of the Day” and hold their own mini-job fair to recruit workers quickly.

Mass Recruiting

Occasionally, employers will be faced with the need to hire large numbers of workers in a very short time-frame.  Again, with our partners at OhioMeansJobs Lucas County, we can help with that process.  In addition to posting your position and recruiting qualified applicants, we will help you schedule a hiring event – which may include using our facilities – as well as assist in applicant flow, scheduling interviews, and other related activities.