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Talent Development

Incumbent Worker Training

Growing companies have changing needs when it comes to staff and often workers need to upgrade their existing skills to stay on top of these changes. The Department of Planning and Development, through relationships with local colleges, universities and technical schools, can help guide employers to organizations that can help with these skill upgrades.

In an effort to offset some of the costs related to training existing workers, the Department can guide businesses through the application process for the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Program. This initiative from the State of Ohio helps companies offset some of the costs related to training workers and makes employers more competitive in the global marketplace. 

On-The-Job Training

New employees may qualify for on-the-job training funds through the Department which reimburses the company for half the wages paid while the worker is learning the job. There are certain requirements for a position to qualify for reimbursement but staff can walk the employer through the easy to complete forms and assist every step of the way.

For those companies that lack the space to conduct training on-site, the Department will reserve space at OhioMeansJobs Lucas County, the local one-stop employment center, where there are classrooms, meeting rooms and computer labs available at no cost. These spaces are available to any local employer and can greatly reduce the cost of training and testing workers, saving the business money and making training more affordable.

Apprenticeship Programs

Businesses that have more intensive training needs can work with the Department to establish and promote apprenticeships that focus on the essential skills needed from workers. Utilizing a “earn while you learn” approach, apprenticeships allow workers to develop key skills both on the job and in the classroom while applying those skills daily.