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We ARE Work Ready!

When businesses consider locating or expanding in a community, the availability of a skilled, dedicated workforce is one of the first questions asked.  Without workers, businesses can’t grow and without growing companies, workers can’t advance in their careers.  Most communities will say they have the best workforce available, but few can state for a fact that their workers have the essential skills employers need and demand.  Lucas County is one of those few who can support the claim that we have the best workforce because we have the documentation to prove it through WorkReady Lucas County.

Lucas County is a Certified Work Ready Community.  But what does that mean?

In brief, what that means is that we have tested thousands of residents who have illustrated their skill in applied math, workplace documents and graphic literacy and earned a National Career Readiness Certificate at either the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.  This assessment, created by ACT, Inc., widely known for their college readiness tests, has helped us independently document the skills of Lucas County’s workforce.

Not only that, but more than 200 employers of all sizes have joined us by recognizing the value of the National Career Readiness Certificate and many prefer potential employees to have the certificate prior to applying for available positions within their companies.  People who have completed the Work Ready process have proven they are hard working and dedicated in addition to the skills assessed and these are the attributes employers want and need.

Businesses and workers benefit from the Work Ready Community Certification but so do Economic Development Professionals.  Companies considering locating in a new community or expanding where they already are need to know that there is a strong pool of quality workers available and Economic Developers can say with no hesitation that Lucas County has what businesses require.

Even though we are certified as Work Ready, it doesn’t mean our work is finished.  We want to expand the number of companies accepting the National Career Readiness Certificate and that use it as a tool for identifying the best workers.  At the same time, we must continue helping workers earn their National Career Readiness Certificate, so they have opportunities to advance in their current job or move on to be better one. 

Individuals and companies not already part of our WorkReady Lucas County program can easily sign on and the best part is that there is no cost to participating.  Join us in continuing to make Lucas County the place where businesses and workers succeed.