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WorkReady Lucas County

Every community says it has the best workers anywhere but are they able to prove it?

WorkReady Lucas County is a free program designed to show employers – those already here and others considering locating here – that our workforce has the essential skills they need. 

WorkReady Lucas County provides a framework for documenting the essential skills of workers and a tool for helping those individuals who need to refresh those skills. Targeting Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics, the program includes tutorials and assessments that measure baseline skills and develop a process for strengthening and documenting attainment.

WorkReady Lucas County also provides an opportunity for individuals to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate which illustrates that a person has met the necessary skill requirements to be successful and provides employers with a method for easily identifying the best candidates for their job openings.  By recognizing the certificate or recommending that applicants obtain it prior to applying, employers are helping encourage workers to prove they have essential work skills.

Steps to Becoming WorkReady

Employers are looking for a few basic things from potential employees – workers need to be drug free, need to understand their responsibilities as employees, and need to be able to read and do basic math problems.  Some employers place a very heavy emphasis on a clean background check while others are being more flexible and are willing to consider the individual and the situation before making a decision.  All employers want to see a quality resume and most expect applications to be submitted electronically.

WorkReady Lucas County is structured to assist in as many of these challenges as possible along with other roadblocks to successfully obtaining employment and staying employed.  From transportation to childcare, homelessness to addiction, the program is designed to connect those needing help to people who are experts in providing the assistance needed. 



National Career Readiness Certificate

At the core of WorkReady Manufacturing is the National Career Readiness Certification issued by ACT Inc., the company best known for their college admissions testing.  This certificate documents an individual’s ability to read, do basic math and locate information.  Starting with an initial assessment and following with a series of tutorials custom designed to meet the needs of the individual, this program will result in a nationally recognized certificate of skill – skills these employers need.  




WorkReady Lucas County Case Study 

When faced with record-low unemployment levels, a lack of qualified job seekers, and an increase in available jobs, Lucas County joined the ACT Certified Work Ready Communities and created a county-wide initiative to bridge the skills gap and support local employers.

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