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NCRC Assessments


The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCR) is structured around three core assessments; Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents.  Through research conducted by ACT, Inc., these three areas have been determined to be essential for nearly all of today’s occupations.

Applied Math

The Applied Math assessment measures more than basic math skills.  It also evaluates critical thinking and problem solving along with mathematical reasoning.  While the test takers can use calculators and conversation tables when answering the questions presented, these workplace examples require mathematical skill to determine the correct answers.

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Graphic Literacy

Using charts, diagrams and even floorplans, the Graphic Literacy assessment requires the individual to identify relevant information and use it to solve the problem presented.  In addition to measuring the skills necessary to read and identify data presented in graphic images, the assessment also requires recognizing information that may be missing from work-related problems.

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Workplace Documents

From change orders to corporate reports, invoices to financial statements, inventory lists to shipping manifests, understanding written documents is an essential part of everyday work.  The Workplace Documents assessment measures a person’s ability to read and understand written text and to make correct decisions and successfully solve problems based on the information provided.  A variety of document types are included such as email, letters, signs, policy documents, websites and contracts.

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